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Imagine if you knew the results of a game BEFORE you ever placed a bet?

Imagine for a minute if you could design the PERFECT sports-betting picks system. 

How would you want it to perform? What kind of results would it regularly produce?

I think we can assume a few things:

There would be no more embarrassment from constant losses...

You would start exploding your bankroll overnight.

You'd probably gain a lot of confidence, as well as the pride of being a successful, intelligent sports investor.

You could watch the frozen faces of awe and envy of your friends, co-workers, and family as you continue to win bet after bet...

Well, the "perfect" system would have to be right 100% of the time. And that, sad to say, is impossible to design with today's level of tech.

But what if we could get close enough to the perfect system that we could still achieve the exact same results and benefits listed above?

Well, in short, that's what we did.

After years of privately testing algorithms, models, and research mechanics, we've decided to FINALLY release WagerBop Picks™ to the public…

What WagerBop Picks™ is NOT

It’s not some cheap 50 page e-book with recycled information and tactics spat out to you...

It’s not some course or program designed by a stay-at-home dad with only a couple months or year in the sports betting world...

This isn’t some commitment where you come in and pay us 2K-4K like other gurus in our space just to receive “special” picks that still wind up losing over time...

It’s not some newborn system that only went through some testing…. This has been in the making for OVER 10 years.

So what exactly is WagerBop Picks™?

Hi. I’m Chris Matthews .

And not too long ago, I was probably in the same exact position as you were.

A casual sports lover shooting in the dark with his picks…rolling the dice. Crossing my fingers.

...going off some “gut intuition.”

Hell, I even browsed articles online, looking at forums to find pics… I would follow these sport betting pros and listen to their advice religiously…

But at the end of the day… no matter how much I would research…

I’d constantly be in the red.

The scary part?

There was never was any consistency or PRACTICAL predictability.

When I’d lose… I felt UNLUCKY.

Almost like the games were rigged against me.

I was tired of losing. I was tired of lying through my teeth every time my friends would ask me how my bets went..

I’d lie and say things like… “"I pretty much broke even" or "won a bunch and lost some"... but in reality, I felt like a loser.

I was fed up with feeling “out of touch,” like I would UNKNOWINGLY never win, and frankly, secretly embarrassed of my losses

Maybe you can relate.

But the most terrifying thing of all?...

I was scared. I was worried my losses would pile up and soon become an uncontrollable problem, spreading like a wildfire.


I KNEW FOR A FACT… I wasn't going to stop betting on sports.

That was a passion of mine, and I didn’t want to let it go.

There were plenty of pros who made lots of money beating the bookies, so I knew it was possible to win BIG in this area,

I knew there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I just needed to stop relying on my crappy combination of intuition, half-heartedly browsing articles, and reading forums…

And commit to a system that ENSURES my success.

I needed to put the odds in my favor.

So... I asked myself…

What do you think makes a HIGHLY profitable sports bettor?

And, I’ll ask you the same thing:

  • What do you think makes a profitable sports bettor, handicapper, or punter?
  • One who seems to confidently place his bets and win most of the time?
  • One who everyone seems to admire and respect?
  • One who just seems like he has the “cheat codes” to placing picks.

Well after extensive research and analyzing all the most famous bettors in the world, I came down to 3 conclusions

  • The Best place bets with NO EMOTION and just PURE facts, analysis, and research
  • The Best perform due diligence and conduct the proper amount of research, analysis, and “backdoor investigations” to discover the RIGHT pick.
  • The Best are NATURALLY consistent with their wins and never lose momentum or get foggy when things are in a “dry spell”

Now, these are amazing traits of anyone who bets on sports, as I’m sure you can agree as well.

But the problem is… for you to do these things, you would have to burn all your other bridges down in order to FULLY commit and immerse yourself in the sports world.

You would need to find an extra 3-4 hours in your day JUST FOR crunching numbers, analyzing patterns, and conducting proper research.

Not to mention blocking out an extra hour or two for what I like to call “backdoor research.”

And that’s when you get insider information that the public DOES NOT KNOW.

A lot of you probably wouldn't even know where to begin. I KNOW FOR A FACT, I didn’t.

Hell -- it would be hard for me just to find an extra hour each day in my chaotic life.

But what if there was a way for something else to do all the heavy lifting?

A system, where its only job is to pick out winning picks for you and serve them up on a silver platter.

If I had any shot of turning this losing hobby of mine into a money-making machine, that’s exactly what I needed.

And one day… Things finally clicked.

An epiphany occurred once I realized I would never be able to analyze bets and upcoming games as well as a computer could.

It’s the same way that a calculator works faster and better that any person doing math.

I realized that I wasn't the person who needed to be making decisions in my sports betting. It needed to be a computer, the same way that I used “big data” to make decisions for our Fortune 500 clients at the office.

Now, making decisions from “good data” isn’t actually hard. The most difficult part is actually grabbing CLEAN DATA in the first place.

So the first thing I did was buy all the historical data I could for all nine major sports. This process took a couple of years, and there were lots of times when I almost gave up.

When is was all said and done, I had all the basic information like the dates of the games, the final score, and which side of a bet won.

But I made sure to collect data on some more advanced metrics that went outside of the public eye. Things such as:

  • What the weather was that day, down to the speed of the wind
  • How much money was bet on each team
  • The percentage of all the bets were placed on a given team

Once I had all the data points, I hired the best developers I could find to make the databases queryable.

We established private research mechanics. And we generated unique, never-before-used algorithms that will give anyone who uses them...

An unfair competitive edge...

Everything someone who bets on sports could want... was now being crunched in the background, and delivering the perfect end result: a profitable bet.

I had FINALLY obtained a PROVEN AND PERFECTED sports betting system that did ALL the grunt work FOR ME.

And consistently pumped out winning picks for me like clockwork using advanced and never-before-seen algorithms and research mechanics…

I didn’t want any bias.

I just wanted the cold-hard facts that came from results-oriented research.

...without me ever needing to dedicate HOURS AND DAYS to crunch numbers and analyze patterns.

Because let’s face it. We all have a life. A job. A girlfriend, wife, family, or friends we like to spend our time with.

I don’t know about you, but I know I would much rather enjoy my life than spend several hours a day hunched over a laptop looking at numbers.

I wanted a system where all I had to do is pay attention to the picks coming in, place my bet, and watch the money roll in week after week, as my friends and family watch in awe and look at me like I was some sort of genius.

And that’s exactly what I created for you here today.

Now, allow me to Introduce WagerBop Picks™!

And to be honest… I created this because I wanted a second methodology of making money doing the THING I LOVE…

Which is watching sports!

Can you just imagine replacing an income with nothing but placing sports bets?

Can you picture how different your life would look with you placing the odds BACK IN YOUR FAVOR?

Picture writing your own damn check… game after game...

But in order to do this, I knew the system needed to be PERFECT and nothing like anything the industry has seen before.

I wanted an almost-guaranteed SUCCESS focus system with little-to-no margin for error.

After years of privately testing algorithms, models, and research mechanics, I decided to FINALLY release WagerBop Picks™ to the public…

Basically, it’s kinda like a cyborg.

It’s a bunch of tier-1 sports bettors and researchers (SOME OF THE BEST IN THE WORLD) going through days of analysis, deep exploration and experimentation, so YOU DON’T HAVE TO …

We then use this info and combine it with our private and unique algorithms, so we can pump out winning picks like a well-oiled machine... it has no bias.

No favorite players or teams... It’s PERFORMANCE AND RESULTS ORIENTED, so you can maximize your profits.

Handicappers who predict games tend to have favorites, even if they don't admit it...

We can’t change human nature… nor can we ignore it.

Those handicappers make EMOTIONAL decisions.

But you and I are smarter than that.

That’s why we hold the unfair competitive advantage over every Joe Schmo out there.

We both know that data doesn't lie.

You see, sportsbooks don't actually want you to lose per say... they could care less...

As long as they have the same amount of money bet on each side.

That allows them to collect their fee, the vigorish, risk free.

If one side wins, the book wins! If the other side wins, the book still wins!

So how does a book "balance" itself?

By putting the public, the amateurs, against the pros.

The public makes the same mistakes, over and over again.

Season after season.

Year after year.

And the pros feast on them.

So how do you create the perfect system?

You purchase all the data possible.

And you find patterns in the data...

The mistakes that the public makes year after year.

And then you bet the other side.

Most people who bet on sports will continue to make the same mistake…. Which is why more than 95% of avid punters and handicappers LOSE money.

And this is essentially why a system is a NECESSITY if you ever plan to make money betting on sports.

That’s why we hold the unfair competitive advantage over every Joe Schmo out there.

Now, let's get back to the algorithms.

The way WagerBop Picks™ works is by NOT ONLY gathering all the data we can… but BUYING all the exclusive and comprehensive data we can as well.

This is so our members can get the absolute best odds of winning.

We then look for inefficiencies in lines over time that come from the fact that the PUBLIC will continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Most people who bet on sports will continue to make the same mistake…. Which is why more than 95% of avid punters and handicappers LOSE money.

And this is essentially why a system is a NECESSITY if you ever plan to make money betting on sports.

It’s been over 10 years of testing and optimization…

Once we have data and have patterns, we give you the perfect pick to place a bet.

So you can see, there isn't necessarily any rocket science here.

There are consistent opportunities that come up over and over again.

The only catch is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to monitor or track these without setting up a super duper sophisticated software and spending tens of thousands on data collection.

By relying on data and knowing that the public makes the same mistakes over and over again, we can create profitable systems.

WagerBop™ has been proven to pull in CONSISTENT profits and wins… Time after time.

When you can bet with confidence you essentially write your own paycheck.

But instead of just saying things, let me show you the potential of this:

And that's just ONE example of ONE of our algorithms that's been consistently making big gains FOR THE PAST 10 YEARS...


The best part?

These results are backed up by our personal guarantee. (which you will learn about soon)

Members of WagerBop Picks™ get to use an exclusive and PRIVATE system that is 100% legal and can't be stopped.

Imagine what a difference that would make to you?

How it works:

  • You can start profiting with WagerBop Picks™ TODAY, for Free

Once you sign up and verify your membership, you will receive notifications/texts/emails (depending on your preference) with ALL of the winning picks our system has generated FOR EVERY GAME playing that day or week. 

Choose your picks and place your bets.

Kick back and watch the money roll in, as your friends and family closely watch wondering what your secret is…

Thing is, we like to let our results speak for themselves. 

That's why we're offering you free week-long trial to see for yourself that this is the real deal.

Sign up now for the free 7-Day Trial below...

That’s it. It’s that simple.

Once you’re a member, you will be added in our system with the email and phone number you give us…

And then week after week, you will be receiving our chosen winning picks.

You don’t have to do anything else.

Just keep an eye out for that text and then place your bets.

We wanted this to add zero-to-no extra effort on your end.

Who is it not for?

Once you’re a member, you will be added in our system with the email and phone number you give us…

And then week after week, you will be receiving our chosen winning picks.

You don’t have to do anything else.

Just keep an eye out for that text and then place your bets.

We wanted this to add zero-to no extra effort on your end.

So who IS it for?

​For the sports lover or passionate bettor who wants to finally ‘stick it’ to the bookie and put the odds back in THEIR favor

For the handicapper who craves an unfair advantage

Someone looking to make a consistent 2nd income through this sport betting medium

Someone looking to prove all of their doubters wrong and become the SMART sports INVESTOR they know they are

Someone who wants to stop rolling the dice and shooting in the dark with their picks, but instead, gain the confidence that comes with a sure-fire system to placing winning bets


Are you the right fit?

If so…

You got two options in front of you:


You can completely forget everything we talked about today.. Go back to rolling the dice on your bets and just HOPING your luck turns around...
You can spend YEARS testing out different tactics, and theories…
You can spend months and months desperately trying to make this work, but in the end, losing more than you’d like.

You can continue to go to bed after every game week, asking yourself:

-Will my sports losses turn into a financial problem?
-Can I actually win at this or am I kidding myself?
-What if someone finds out I’ve lost a lot of money?

You can choose to feel the same sense of embarrassment and fear everytime you lose… which seems to be happening a little too much recently. You can close out this window and just PRAY that one day the tides will turn before things start taking a dark turn.

But deep down inside you know you want to make a change.

Otherwise you wouldn’t be here!


You can get all the answers to the test now. You can start profiting literally NEXT GAME DAY.

You don’t need to wait weeks for results.

You can skip the wasted time and massive cash loss…

You can get rid of the embarrassment and replace it with the confidence and pride of being a SUCCESSFUL and SMART sports INVESTOR.

Just imagine the amount of confidence and excitement you’ll now go into every bet KNOWING you have a PROVEN system in your backpocket that almost GUARANTEES your success.

Imagine what it would feel like to have this “cheat code” in your back pocket.

And as the weeks go by… as you continue to win bet after bet, picture all the cash slowly starting to pile up…

Picture all the faces of awe and admiration from your wife/gf, friends, co-workers, and family who now sees you as this GENIUS who seems to have it all figured out.

Imagine the stress lifted off your shoulders…

Imagine the new success in your life… where you’re consistently building your bankroll.

What new opportunities will arise?

What’s now possible with you winning big bets like clock-work?

How much would that be worth to you?

How much would that unfair advantage mean to you?

Once your trial ends, you can continue with WagerBop Picks for just 197/mo 

You won’t need to pay me 2-4k, like some of these sports “gurus” out there.

You won’t even need to pay 1,000 just to get started.

You won't even pay half of that.

We’re not sure how much longer we’ll have it at this all-time low price…

But as we continue to hear more success stories from it, and as people start profiting more and more and the bankrolls continue to pile up…

Rest assured that price can easily be doubled.

But if you come in today, you will be grandfathered into our launch price.

  • You can get all the answers to the test and begin profiting NOW for FREE for 7 days...and afterward, $197/mo.

So today you discovered a private system responsible for pumping out consistent wins like a well-oiled machine— but most importantly, you now know how to INGRAIN these mechanics and success rate into your back pocket instantly.

Experience results like these:

But let’s make this clear.

This isn’t a miracle drug, not a silver bullet…

I can’t legally guarantee you’ll make thousands of dollars amount or that you’ll win 100% of your bets...

Who knows you might make THOUSANDS with this system in the upcoming months … or make absolutely nothing…

But what if all this did was put the odds back in your favor??

What if it allowed you to inject some more CONTROL and predictability into your sports bets?

What if it all it did was give you the keys to a CONSISTENT money making vehicle.

All you have to do is let the system do the hard work, you place the bet, and then you’re done.

And listen, I don’t want to bring you down here:

But I see so many passionate handicappers live in misery because of the shame and embarrassment piling up because of their losses.

I’ve seen sports debt loss act as the knife that splits the connection between loved ones.

And because of their love and passion for the game and hobby, they try to turn it around by hiring mentors and coaches that RUN THEM THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS with absolutely no guarantee.

So ask yourself:

You deserve to make a change, right?

You deserve to turn this hobby and passion into a money-producing activity, right?

And you DEFINITELY deserve to put the odds back in your favor, so you can start winning bets like clockwork, am I right?

Think about that for a second… and with those thoughts solid in you heard, ask yourself one more thing:

Is that worth just one small payment of 197 bucks?

Is it worth just 50 bucks a week to skip all the embarrassment, shame, and massive cash loss and replace it with confidence, control and CONSISTENT wins?

Is it worth JUST 6 dollars a day to head into every game week with the confidence and excitement that comes with KNOWING that you’re almost guaranteed to win?

What’s it worth to you to gain the keys to a money-producing vehicle in which you can can 5-10x your profits in no time?

I don’t know about you, but I’d pay triple if I knew all the results, joy, and recognition that came with it.

You have everything you now need to experience the success and recognition you’ve been craving.

The ball is in your court now.

Take action, you deserve this.